“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

While I deeply look forward to our tryst, there are a few guidelines that are to be understood and upheld. I am always prompt in my self-image, professionalism, and hygiene and require the same for any discerning suitor. That being said, the following are 10 ethics that are most important to me.

1 Communication

The preferred way of contact in order to reach me is email, and through my secure booking form. Text is provided to those who have previously established a connection with me, and only acceptable for use when touching base concerning our time together, or details on directions.

2 Screening

It’s information to determine if we are a compatible match. There are four methods to me screening, found here. If you are uncomfortable with providing details via secure booking form, you are more than welcome to forward it to my email.

3 Respect

A simple and well thought out introduction goes a way’s away. Inquiries about explicit acts, even in coded language, will end our communication immediately. If you appear inebriated, under the influence and/or belligerent, our date will be cancelled upon arrival. The full donation is applied if our date is cancelled for an issue with your conduct.

4 The Before

Through my personal work, educational pursuits, artistic endeavors, and leisurely activities, it takes time to process and prepare! I ask that you reach out to me at least 36 hours in advance. While last minute appointments can be possible, they are seldom and not always permissible due to the inconvenience of time.

5 Consideration Formalities

Please remember that our date begins at the appointed time, not when you arrive, and ends at the agreed time. Usually, there stands a very high chance deposit will be needed for same-day bookings or new clients or those who cancelled on me before or longer sessions, etc. I reserve the right to decide whether and how much it will be applied. If the deposit requested is not received and cleared, our communication cannot go further. Acts such as chargebacks on deposits are unforgivable. My consideration is non-negotiable. Efforts to haggle with me are in poor taste and will not be entertained. The benefaction should be taken care of at the start of our date, presented in any discreet form of your choice: a greeting card, a book, or the notorious envelope. If we are meeting in public, please bestow the donation in a gift bag, thank you card or gift box, for the sake of discretion. Allow time for me to review the contribution for legitimacy and accuracy.

6 Discretion

What happens between us, stays between you and I only. The freedoms we share in our time together should be rewarded with the prominence of privacy, as we create memories indulging in travel, dining and passion.

7 Hygiene

I spend precious time preparing for you, from cleansing and nourishing my bronzed skin, to cultivating a decadent exterior in wardrobe. Your cleanliness – well-kept appearance, fresh breath, and radiant presence – matching this is greatly appreciated. If you’re rushing and feel as though you do not have time, I will be more willing to wait as you freshen up. Please refrain from smelling of musk, overbearing cologne, garlic, cigarettes, or any fragrance that would be less than satisfactory and will negatively affect our engagement. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness.

8 Punctuality

It’s vital to respect the time of others, just as I naturally respect yours. For any reason, if I am running late, I will notify you immediately. If you are running late, I will need to be notified as soon as possible. However, extensive tardiness is not forgiven; if you arrive late, our session will not be extended to accommodate, unless further payment is negotiated.

9 Chivalry

Despite you already being the gentleman of my deepest fantasies, if you genuinely want to sweep me off my feet and fill my heart with love, sending a gift or bringing one will certainly do the trick. A man who caters to the needs and passions of his woman is quite an exceptional being.

10 The After

While I cannot stop you from writing reviews, do know that I am deeply opposed to them. If you must, I ask that you keep it tasteful. However, I do encourage that you personally send an eloquent and flattering email recanting our precious time together. Once we’ve become dear friends, you are welcome to arrange future appointments via text. Although the friendliness, I do not accept phone calls. Also, our time together will forever be rememberable, but will always remain professional. The world is much smaller than you think! In any event that you or I am out and about publicly with family, friends or even alone, please respect my need for discretion and do not approach me. A nod, wave or smile from afar will suffice.
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