“I am not a puzzle to be solved. I am someone to be experienced – a soul to be tasted.”

Jenn Satsune


I am Zoe Blair, an independent and private companion, who specializes in equal parts of manifesting fantasy into reality and indulging in the stretches of life’s passions. Born and partially raised in the Midwest to a now military veteran and gifted seamstress, I later migrated as an adolescent to the south with family for work. Fast forward to the present day, I am currently in academic pursuits to obtain a degree in IT Networking and Security, filling my leisure time with volunteer work, hobbies of photography, painting, and writing.
As far as I can remember, I have always been mesmerized by taboo and what society would deem “sinister”, channeling my visions into swirls and slashes onto paper. Before all things, I am an artist, in creation and life. Parallel to my paintings, I have a fondness of details and transgressing the ordinary; daring the mundane and reveling in the reward of unique expression. Unashamedly, I bow out of modesty and am forthright in all things that I desire. After all, modesty is a fake, social affection. There is nothing real about being modest, and being authentic is the only way I know how to operate.
Despite being in my early twenties, I am what most would refer to as an “old soul.” While I have always had a taste for a beautiful life, I remain humble and unpretentious, yet centered to my stride.
There is no confinement attached to my personality. I am as quick witted, open minded, and free-spirited as you could find. Sharp as a knife, quick as a serpent; soft as Egyptian cotton, sensual as fine lingerie. Through conversation, you will find that I am well-read, with knowledge that goes beyond my years. Communication is an aspect that I have always been drawn to and allows me to pride myself in being personable and easy to talk to. You should be able to unwind about your day without stepping on eggshells concerning your words and feelings, and I’m here for that. In any room or social setting, I balance between being observant and reserved, keeping an air of mystery, and a social butterfly excited to infect laughter amongst my circles. In private, I am as titillated as I please. I would like to synopsize myself simply as a modern woman of wonder, talents, and love, but the complexities of summation make that a little difficult. And sometimes, that’s okay. It leaves room for you to fill in those spaces.
There are endless possibilities that brought you here today. Whether you waltzed into the corner of my scope by chance, or the universe aligned the stars for us to meet, I am happy to be in the eye of your curiosity. I am here for your fulfillment and entertainment, willing to take your hand in the quest for some thing bold and uninhibited. Our time together is a sanctuary of space, unbound by the principles of life, and gluttoned by the freedoms of our splendor. We can be as we are, for as long as we like in the world we create together. So, I ask you: If everything you’ve wanted is right within your reach, what’s stopping you from being a part of it?
I am a beautiful sight when pleasure is my only priority. Together we can reach that peak.


Weight126 lbs.
HairDark brown, medium long to the middle of my back
Measurements36B – 26 – 36
TattoosTwo, very small
PiercingsSeveral, including stretched ear lobes
Body TypeAthletic, statuesque, slim
Shoe Size9.5 US | 39.5/40 IT/EU | 7.5 UK
Dress SizeSmall/Medium | US Size 6
SurgeryNothing as of yet! Au naturel.
LanguagesEnglish, and currently learning French.
GroomingOften times waxed bare, but others time grown free.
EducationCurrently enrolled, pursuing IT Networking and Security.
BackgroundAfrican American
Available ToMen, women and couples
LikesClear communication, Punctuality, Compassion, Kindness, Generosity & Fine Dining
DislikesRudeness, Miscommunication, Disrespect, Gossip, Drama & Bad Hygiene
AvailabilityOutcall, Incall upon request and deposit
Favorite ColorIt depends on the day.
Favorite ScentsByredo Bal D'Afrique, Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford Vanille Fatale
Favorite Wine TypesRiesling, Pinot Grigio and Champagne, of course!
Favorite BooksJust Kids by Patti Smith, Diary of an Oxygen Thief by Anonymous, Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

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