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Meet Zoe

Your information is alone handled with the utmost privacy and discretion. All personal information is discarded once verified.

Hey there, ready to meet? That’s great. Introduce yourself here, and the more you share, the better. You can also reach out to me at thezoe.blair@gmail.com with all the necessary details below; inquiries missing needed information will be dismissed.

Your personal information is just between us. It’s essential for our safety and privacy, no exceptions. We’re in this together.

No need to worry about timing. Whether you’re planning ahead or feeling spontaneous, let me know. A week’s notice is preferred, but sometimes we can make it work sooner, or rarely, even on the same day. Just give me 2-3 options for scheduling ease.

Keep it fun and tasteful. I’m all about relaxed and genuine moments, so let’s share our thoughts without any coarse language or acronyms. Priority goes to those who appreciate an easygoing get-together.


I look forward to our time together…
1Verified personal information + 2 Provider references from established, independent companions seen in the past 6 months or less
2Verified personal information + Employment verification, such as a photo work ID, business card, or LinkedIn profile
3Verified personal information + Photo of government issued ID/license or passport, depicting only name and photo (all else may be blurred)
4Verified personal information + Boarding pass, depicting name and confirmation number
Contact Form

I’ll touch base with you at my earliest convenience! Turnaround time on a response is within 72 hours. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Twitter for candids and adventures. I can’t wait to experience you.

Intro Social Date –

I understand the aversion to trusting modern technology to submit your personal credentials, trust me, I do. Some people rather maintain a traditional and intimate way of sharing information; a “my hand to yours” approach. We can get to know each other over coffee or savory cocktails while sparks fly. This type of meeting is perfect for gentlemen who do not have references or would simply care to meet in person.
In-Person Screening: $150 for 30-minute social date; $200 for one-hour social date.

I look forward to our tryst. Any questions?